I need a vacation.

stressedoutI need a vacation” is often the first statement out of our mouths when we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. How do you deal with stress? Do you grab that extra bite of chocolate? Exercise? Hang out with a friend? Take medications? Have an alcoholic drink?
There are plenty of resources available to find ways to cope and manage stress. Some of them are healthy and some unhealthy. Moderation is key in all forms of managing stress. For example, eating a couple bite sized candy bars would be healthier than having an entire chocolate bar.

The first step to recovery is to identify the source of your stress. Perhaps keeping a journal or calendar where you can record your stress level will help in determining the trigger. Talking with your friends or family and asking them what you complain about the most can also be useful.
Get creative to manage stress

Once you have determined what is causing your stress begin to try different coping methods to determine what works best for you. According to a recent study, music is being used in the place of medications. Dr. Levitin and post-doctoral researcher Mona Lisa Chanda reviewed over 400 published papers trying to find patterns. Their research found that music helped in the management of mood, stress reduction, boosting immunity, and as an aid to social bonding.
Even more interesting, they found 15 studies that reported a drop in cortisol levels after listening to music. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can build up in a person’s body creating physical and mental health illness. You can read the entire article here: Music as medicine has huge potential.

Self-care should happen at home and the office

At Thrive, we believe that each person is an individual. We encourage our staff and participants to practice self-care. Self-care tasks are what we all need to do to feel well. For some that is getting a massage or seeing their therapist monthly. For others, it is working out at the local YMCA or hiking on trails.
We try to provide opportunities for wellness to staff and participants on a weekly basis. We have also committed to providing at least two opportunities a year for our stakeholders and surrounding community to learn more about us and to experience an opportunity for a fun evening that will be sure to melt away your stress. Our first event is scheduled for May 30th from 6-8pm. We will have a wonderful and relaxing evening at Burntshirt Vineyards, while enjoying friendship and the beauty of a local winery.
Our second event is our 2nd Annual Bids & Blues, October 19th from 6-9pm. This is our signature event that highlights how the “Blues” can cure the “Blues.” We are thrilled this year to have Mac Arnold and Plate Full O’ Blues performing from 7-9pm. We will start the night with a silent auction and local celebrity Scott Treadway will be our emcee for the night.
Please take a moment to consider your health. Decrease your stress in whatever way helps you.But remember, you can also enjoy a stress reducing, fun filled evening with the Thrive community! Visit our website to reserve your spot today.