Community Support


Read what members of the
community have to say about Thrive:


“I was taken by what an integral part the members are of their Clubhouse. I have been able to learn about a new and vital community resource and I have had the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of persons living with mental illness. What I’ve learned is that the Clubhouse is life in this community vs. a place they simply practice to be able to live in their community.  I also think I have learned good communication skills and techniques. “

                   ~ Kevin, Western Carolina Nursing Student

“Because of the excellent leadership and exceptional staff, this project is creative and innovative.  It is as meaningful to Hendersonville as the YMCA, church groups, or other community organizations, reaching out to individuals and families to become involved in the fabric of their neighborhoods.  The significant difference here is that participants in the Clubhouse are some of the most vulnerable, otherwise isolated, citizens among us.”

                   ~Lynn Pinard, BRCC Instructor

“There are many people who suffer from mental illnesses that would not be able to have independence of any kind without the support that this group offers to them and their families.”

                   ~ ACTT Family Member

“Just because you may suffer from a mental illness, does not mean that you should feel you have no rights in how your life is managed. They allow patients to have independence in their own care.”

                   ~  ACTT  Family Member

“I find it a pleasure to be able to work with the Clubhouse and glad to know that there is such good support in our community for adults coping and recovering from mental illness.”

                   ~ King Creek Cottages

“Their continuous monitoring and management is helping to maintain their clients outside of a hospital situation and our already overcrowded family care homes.”

                    ~ Dr. Sandi Bryant, PharmD, Cane Creek Pharmacy

“The staff at Thrive Clubhouse is dedicated such that the facility is efficient and cost effective.  Due to their intensive training and dedication, they are able to expand services and incorporate a full continuum of services.”

                   ~ Nancy Baker and Leslie Huntley, CFAC

“I know from personal experience that the staff of Community Support and the Clubhouse provides invaluable services to the community.  Further, they provide these services with the utmost professionalism, competence, efficiency and compassion. I wholeheartedly support their efforts to continue these services.”

                   ~  Victor C. Garlock, Attorney At Law

“Through their support, residents are able to remain in the least restrictive setting possible as the Clubhouse and Community Support teams are able to promote and provide support for the activities of daily living that some residents would find overwhelming on their own.”

“The support given by these  team members is also cost effective to counties, helping to keep residents out of hospitals and jails.  This improves the quality of life of a large segment of our population.”

                    ~ Ricki Cox, BSN, RN BC