Thrive is raising $38,000 to purchase all new furniture for the Clubhouse location. There are 2 reasons that this new furniture is necessary:

  1. All of the furniture currently in the Clubhouse is second-hand and not easy to disinfect. With COVID, it is imperative that we be able to keep our members and staff safe and healthy at the Clubhouse. The new furniture will be covered in sturdy, long-lasting, easy-to-clean fabrics.
  2. We believe that Clubhouse members are deserving of dignity and respect. We know that having an attractive, clean, and appealing environment at the Clubhouse will have a positive impact on the state of mind of each of our Clubhouse members.

Would you consider a gift to the Clubhouse Fund today? You can donate online by clicking the button below, or by PayPal. Or, if you prefer, you can send a check to our office:

Thrive, 218 West Allen, Suite B, Hendersonville, NC, 28739


Each year, there are several events that provide information about our services and raise support for the Thrive community. Each fall, we host our signature event, Bids & Blues, created to raise awareness about what it’s like to live with “the blues.” Through Bids & Blues, which includes a silent auction, fabulous food, and musical performers, we are able to fund critical services for our members.