Behavioral Healthcare in Hendersonville – What are your options?

How is your mental health these days? I bet if someone asked you that question, you would probably have quite a lot to say on the subject. I would also guess that your answer may change from day to day, and maybe even moment to moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown everyone for a loop and brought to light many challenges in most of our daily lives. For some folks, mental health has really been difficult to maintain since the onset of the pandemic and the many stressors that have come along with it.

At Thrive, our main focus is mental health. We believe that it is really difficult to be successful in many areas of life if your mental health is suffering, so we work hard to help our clients get the mental healthcare they need. One thing we are seeing since the pandemic started, is an increase across the board in people who report symptoms of mental illness. Prior to the pandemic, the number of people who reported symptoms of mental illness each year was about 1 in 5, or 20%. Throughout 2020, that number increased to 30% of people reporting symptoms of mental illness. More people are struggling than ever before, which is totally understandable when you consider the conditions we have been living with for the past year and a half. The question becomes, then, what can be done to improve people’s mental health?

Thrive offers help for people with severe and persistent mental illness at our Clubhouse Day Program. This program has been providing mental health services in Henderson County since 1983, and the program has helped hundreds of people to move from surviving to thriving in the community. At the Clubhouse, staff work side-by-side with members with a focus on “doing with” rather than “doing for.” Clubhouse staff know how important it is for members to have a voice and a say in the day-to-day decisions. At the Clubhouse, members work to improve vocational skills, learn daily living skills like cooking, and learn how to have healthy relationships. Members experience fewer hospitalizations and law enforcement contacts as a result of attending the Clubhouse.

While the Clubhouse is great for some people, it isn’t the right fit for everyone who is experiencing symptoms of mental illness. Thrive is so thankful for our community partners who also offer people help with mental healthcare, like AdventHealth. AdventHealth offers both in-patient and out-patient treatment options for behavioral healthcare in our community, which means that patients can easily access the level of care they need to be well.

At AdventHealth, there is a focus on Whole-Person Care – body, mind and spirit. On the website,, you will see many references to Whole-Person Care as they describe the many services offered to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit and encourage overall wellness. The behavioral health care services offered at AdventHealth are extensive. There are options for individual, group, and family therapy, pediatric and geriatric psychiatric services, relaxation therapy, therapeutic crafts, and many others. They have psychiatrists and psychologists available and they offer in-patient and out-patient services for behavioral health. They also offer Primary Care Behavioral Health which provides seamless access to behavioral health care for patients who share concerns with their primary care providers. Primary care providers, who often have a long-term and trusted relationship with their patients, can play a key role in assessing the need for and providing behavioral health interventions.

In August, AdventHealth expanded this collaborative care to even more patients through a partnership with Concert Health. AdventHealth Hendersonville was a pilot for this program. “It has been a dream come true to embed this facet of patient care within our offices,” said Kelley Singer, MD, director of physician quality and physician enterprise for AdventHealth Hendersonville. “Patients visibly relax with relief as they learn behavioral health professionals practice within the same location. The willingness to engage with our psychiatrists or psychologists is almost 100% now, contrasting with almost never in the past.”

Hendersonville is so lucky to have multiple options for mental health care available in our very own community, but we have to spread the word! It is crucial that we ensure people actually know about their options for mental health. We need to make sure that people know who they can call if they need help or if they are concerned about the mental health of a loved one. Share the information; talk about it with your friends and family. Let’s normalize mental health care, so that anyone who needs help knows who to call and is not afraid to ask for help when they need it.

AdventHealth – A Great Community Partner to Thrive!

The staff and board members at Thrive are getting ready for our biggest fundraiser of the year – 9th Annual Bids & Blues on October 12. This year has been a very strange one with COVID and all sorts of events being cancelled or made virtual. Thrive has decided to make this event in-person, but a Drive-In where people can come and listen to music from their car. Thrive staff are very excited that we have found a way to keep this event in-person, but still safe for the people attending, and we have all been hard at work to find sponsors for the event and raise funds for Thrive’s essential programs.

Thrive is so incredibly thankful that our presenting sponsor for Bids & Blues will again be AdventHealth. When asked why AdventHealth has chosen to support Thrive at the highest level yet again, Assistant to the President, Graham Fields, replied with the following quote:

“AdventHealth is honored to partner with Thrive to address Behavioral Health needs in Henderson County. This growing whole-person care need was identified as a top priority in the AdventHealth Community Health Needs Assessment. In addition to serving clients through our inpatient Women’s Behavioral Health unit and outpatient behavioral health clinics, AdventHealth also partners with Thrive to enhance the county’s community-based mental health system to fully support relationship-based, personalized care and maintain services for the chronically mentally-ill in the area. Thrive also helps address another priority in the Community Health Needs Assessment through its efforts to connect clients to safe and affordable housing in the community.”

We at Thrive are so humbled by these words, and we are so thankful that we have a partner like AdventHealth Hendersonville to help us work toward better mental health in Henderson County. Many people do not realize how extensive the incredible mental healthcare services are at AdventHealth. AdventHealth Hendersonville offers both inpatient and outpatient Behavioral Health services, including care specifically for patients of their Primary Care Providers. Through this innovative model of care, AdventHealth’s Primary Care Behavioral Health Providers work with the established patient’s primary care provider for those who are 18 and older and experience behavioral health concerns, including depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychosis.

Many of the individuals who receive behavioral health care at AdventHealth Hendersonville also attend the Thrive Clubhouse – a day program for adults with severe and persistent mental illness. At the Clubhouse, members can get help with daily living skills, relationship skills, and work skills. The services members receive at the Clubhouse work hand-in-hand with behavioral healthcare services from AdventHealth Hendersonville to provide that whole-person care that Fields mentioned.

AdventHealth Hendersonville has some unique inpatient care options, including a behavioral health unit dedicated to women only, ages 18 and older. AdventHealth’s Women’s Behavioral Health Unit offers all private, newly renovated rooms and a variety of treatments including:
Dual Diagnosis/ Drug Addiction
Anxiety and panic attacks
Bipolar disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Grief and loss
Dissociative identity disorders
Sexual abuse issues

Another amazing offering from AdventHealth is the Inpatient Geriatric Behavioral Health unit, which is currently being renovated. This service offers a full range of behavioral and mental health services to assist older adults ages 55+ through the difficult circumstances that many aging adults face. Treatment includes individual and group therapy as well as medication management to improve the patients’ ability to live independently or function comfortably in an institutional setting. Because many older adults with behavioral or cognitive disorders also suffer physical distress, the Geriatric Behavioral Health program at AdventHealth offers a comprehensive assessment of medications, physical and psychiatric diagnoses and assessment of functional abilities.

Thrive would like to say thank you, once again, to AdventHealth Hendersonville for their continued support as the presenting sponsors of the 9th Annual Bids & Blues. If you would like to attend this exciting event, purchase your tickets today. Find more information about Bids & Blues at

To learn more about AdventHealth’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Services, please call 828-650-8232. For information about our Inpatient Behavioral Health Services, please call 828-681-2288.